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Part 1 in a series on How to get your dream job?

The 1st step to find and get a dream job is to identify it.

You should know what your dream job is. Not many people do and still they say that I am not happy with my job or I do not like my boss, ascariasis
colleagues or work.

Unless you know where you want to go, sales it will be hard for you to reach there. So identify your dream job. Here is how to do it.

Think about the work you really enjoy – not because it is simple but because it gives you enough opportunity to learn. Also think about what do you enjoy learning about the most. Look for this action and learning in your dream job.

Q: What makes a dream job?

A: A dream job should help you grow and make you satisfied.

Such growth does not come from doing something that you already know. It comes from learning what you do not know yet. It helps if it is related a bit to your current skill set and experience. But there should not be an exact overlap.

With this understanding, take about 30 minutes to think about your dream job. Once you finish this exercise, list down 10-20 companies that you’d like to work with. Now do a search on big job boards and the websites of these companies for jobs that are already advertised in your area of expertise.

Put all these in a document or spreadsheet so that you will not have to go back to find these. After you have made this list – you need to start working on preparation.

Chances there will some gaps in your skill set and experience based on what is required to do your dream job.

During preparation phase, you will work on filling these gaps and get ready to show your best side to the world.

Part 2 in a series on How to get your dream job?

After you identify your dream job it is important that you get yourself ready for the dream job.

I will spare you details like being well groomed and looking good when you go and meet some one. These are important but not the core of preparation for your dream job.

The most important preparation to get your dream job (on any job for that matter) is to understand the job that you are applying for. This preparation starts weeks before you get to the interview.

If you want to prepare well then it is important that you do not focus on applying for too many jobs at one go. If you can – spend 15 days preparing for one job. Never focus at more than two jobs at once. By doing this you will stand apart from other candidates – because most candidates do not prepare and those who do, buy
do it in bits and pieces because they focus on too many jobs at one go.

You also should remove the dust off your resume and tailor it to the job you are applying for.

Also get a cover letter ready specific for this job.

Fine-tune your LinkedIn profile. Get a custom url for your profile. Ask your friends for recommendations. Upload a good picture (head-shot) on your LinkedIn profile.

If you do not have a lot of experience then get some volunteer experience. This can be gained by offering to do things for free for people. This is also the fastest way to get experience, ailment credibility and build connections.

This may look like a lot of preparation but it is totally worth it. If you are really serious being over prepared does not hurt.

Think about it. Will you do it if it increase your chances of getting invited for a interview 5 to 10 times? If you will then go for it; because this is the kind of impact that this preparation can make on your chances of winning your dream job.

Your preparation will also depend on the job you are applying for, and at what level.

If you are someone who is applying for a programming role then it helps if you have a profile on Github and have regular commits there. For a designer a portfolio on a site like dribble is more important.

If you are applying for a role in marketing, then the campaigns you have worked on in the past hold a lot of importance. It also helps if you have additional certificates in areas like brand management or digital marketing.

Now you are on the right path with your preparation, time to apply.

Part 3 in a How to get your dream job series.

The right way to apply for a job is to apply warm and not cold.

A warm application is made through a reference. Whereas in a cold application you send the application in without any common connection.

The difference between the success rate of both approaches (warm or cold) can be more than 100% – warm being better than cold.

Chances are you will be sending an email – most likely after an intro through your common connection. How do you make right connection is part of the next lesson you will learn when we get there.

For now let us discuss other parts of sending this email.

How you write this email is important. Do you not write a very long email. 4-5 lines are good. This should tell in one line what you do right now. Another line or two for what you have been doing professionally in the past. And last line or two should focus on why you are fit for this and to say that you are eager to meet the interview and do this job.

The resume you attach to the email should be lean means you should remove jargons, cardiologist
and tailor your resume to this job.

Now take a deep breath and send it away.

Meanwhile continue your connection building effort and keep talking to the person who will hire you.

Next up we will discuss how to connect with influencers.

Part 4 in a How to get your dream job series.

This series is about getting your dream job and it may take a bit of time before you get your dream job. I hope you are ready for that 🙂

It takes a mix of right skills, pharm experience and connections to get your dream job.

I am assuming you have the skills. If you do not have right skills no one can help. Rich experience comes from applying your skills and learning on a consistent basis.

Now is the time to focus on building right connections. This is not to be done when you want something like a job but you need to do it all the time.

Do it because some of the best jobs are rarely advertised and even when they are advertised they go to the person who is known to person who will be hiring.


Because people want to work with people who they are comfortable with.

Hiring someone one does not know is a risk that not many are ready to take. So they go with a safer route – hiring someone they know so that there are no surprises. This is especially true when a person is hiring for important roles.

What if you are just starting out and do not have a good network to get help from. Start from where you are without waiting for perfection, help
but not before you have spent a day or two to quickly seek and get some connections to start.

Here is how you do it.

For example, you want to apply to job at Google and you do not know anyone there yet. How do you go about it?

Send an email to your friends from college or your seniors who have been working for a while, asking them if they know anyone at Google. Chances are you will find one or two people and if you are lucky, you will get more. Get an intro to these people and tell that you are considering applying to a job with Google (send them the link for the position) and want to learn what it takes to do this job well.

Through them know the people in the department where your dream job is. If possible meet them over coffee, one by one. Be truthful that in future you are considering working with them (in their department) and ask them for help/guidance to win the job.

Chances are that through these connections, you will get good insights to ace the interview.

Apart from the job specific connection building – do some general connection building on a regular basis even if you are not looking for a new job right now.

Here is how.

If you want to do it well then connect with 4 new people in your industry every week. If you are lazy like me then connect with 2 new people every week.

Here is the process to connect.

Identify people who are in your industry via LinkedIn search. First try to connect with those who work in the same city as you.

Once you identify people you want to connect with, think of a way you can help them.

Can you assist them on one of their projects? If you can think of nothing better than just send a mail appreciating the work they are doing. Do not tell a lie say it if you feel it. If this person has has a blog, comment on their blog. Share their articles. You can also join a LinkedIn group where this person is a member and comment on their posts there.

Do not spam them by doing it all at once. Build it gradually. From here take the discussion to email. Aim to create 50 connections in a year within your industry. All of them need not be at senior level. Just get started and keep going.

With these 50 people keep in touch over email once every month. By doing this you will get response from some people. With these people move forward in your relationship – email  → phone → in person meeting in that order. You may have to build this bond over weeks or months (in case the relationship is very important) before you ask for any favour. One by one you will build a solid network.

You will keep on building this network.

In next post we will see how to ace the interview – that you will be invited to based on your connections and also because of your preparation.

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