Interview Etiquette

Interview etiquette refers to behaviour which is expected from an interviewee during the entire process of interviewing. It encompasses almost everything starting from the way you dress, breast mannerisms, store body language, prescription behavior with other candidates and communication during the interview.

Etiquette communicates one’s personality, his psyche, his mental strength and his character. These are important parameters that form the basis of a judgment (hiring decision) for an interviewer and are therefore important areas that should be taken care of while appearing for an interview. Following the set of etiquette is not only limited to dos and don’ts during the interview but it’s about maintaining a decorum right from the time when you reach the venue till the time you leave that place. It helps one command and gain respect from others and influence them at the same time.

Coming back to the components of the interview etiquette, your dressing and cleanliness are the first things that are counted on the interview score chart. What to wear for an interview should be decided in advance. There are no hard and fast rules for this but generally sober or moderate colors are recommended. Avoid wearing them if they make you feel uncomfortable or low on confidence. Whatever the choice may be; avoid the extremes, neither too dull nor too flashy or bright. Maintaining the decorum; while waiting for your turn comes next. Moving here and there unnecessarily, talking over cell phones in a loud voice are things that should be avoided. Then it comes to etiquette of speech. Wishing the interviewer, sitting properly, not changing the posture frequently, being clear and precise in speech is expected. The candidate should try to make the conversation smooth but should not indulge himself in over talking.

Control over emotions, smile and body movements is also expected. Don’t move your hands too much while speaking or putting forward your point. Carefully listen to interviewer’s question before answering. Taking a moment in collecting your thoughts and then putting your view is better than giving wrong or vague answers. And at the end remember to say ‘thank you’ and show your interest in joining the organization.

Last but not the least; follow up with the company about the outcomes of interview process. If you are not selected, ask the reasons for it so that it can bring improvements in you and help you in facing the interviews in future in a better manner.

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