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Are you in the market looking for a job?

Then read through these job search commandments. Will help you sail through. Reading will not take more than a minute.

  1. resume does not get you a job.
  2. It only gets you an interview.
  3. It is you who wins the job.
  4. You can do better with preparation.
  5. You do not need years to prepare.
  6. A focused week or month, price
    depending on time on hand can work.
  7. Your preparation should focus more on sharing what you can do for prospective employer than learning the answer to popular interview questions.
  8. You do not start at top, thumb
    You move to the top.
  9. LinkedIn matters.
  10. Cover letter matters.
  11. What matters more are personal relationships, stomach
    the kind you create when you meet people 1-on-1 over a period of time.
  12. You need to help people before you ask for help. You do not need to (necessarily) help same people you will get help from.
  13. Being well groomed and looking sharp matters. What matters more is your sincerity and honesty.

If you keep the above in mind and take action, the job you want will be yours soon.

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