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How does getting a FRESH RESUME help me?

Resume is a tool that helps employers filter candidates. A fresh resume will increase your chances of beings among the candidates who are filtered and invited for an interview.

A job search follows a standard path – employer gives an ad or you get to know about the opportunity through a network (friend, online resource). You send across (email mostly now-a-days) a copy of your resume. Employer gets to know you through your resume. You are called on for a personal interview or telephonic interview based on how well your skills and qualification on your resume have impressed the prospective employer.

From the above you’ll notice that a resume is a tool that works as your spokesperson when you have still not met the employer. A professionally written resume increases your chances of meeting the employer. From that point, it is mostly up to you. Resume helps you guide your presentation but it is you who will present your capabilities to the prospective employer.

How do I pay to get a FRESH RESUME?

You can pay online;

By a Credit Card
Through net banking

How much time does it take to receive my resume?

You will receive the first modified draft of your resume within 3 working days of your subscription

How do I Subscribe to FRESH RESUME Service?

The process is;

You choose the service you wish to subscribe
Pay online through credit card or net banking
Provide responses in the questionnaire that appears
Upload your existing resume
You receive a message suggesting the time of response.

Hope you found the answer to your question. If not, please Now get a Fresh Resume


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